3 comments on “Offizier Tom

  1. hello – love your site – just wondering why your yt site doesn’t have any of the vids you post here? it only shows one video – could you make them available there? thanks!

    • Thanks for the feedback, musl. Used to post vids on my previous site (sargeslocker.blogspot.com), but wordpress (the site hosting this blog) doesn’t seem to let me post vids, so I’m using YT in private mode as a workaround. There are too many old ladies on YT and I don’t want to be censored over there. Neither Eric at Roids and Rants nor I has figured out how to get vids up on this provider without paying for the privilege.

      If the issue is downloading the clips, there are free programs that can help you out with that. If the issue is putting all the vids in one location – note the ‘Video clips’ category at the top of the screen: this will display all topics which include clips.

      BTW, the full-length clip is about 1/3 longer….

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