One comment on “Gilbert III

  1. Despite their massive, extremely muscular bodies, the guys in Gilbert III’s drawings always look quite feminine. The artist, so far completely unknown to me, always gives his boys soft 🧒, childlike faces with perfect hairstyles, and sometimes lets them adopt a rather flirtatious pose. Some of these guys look at their enormous flexed upper arms in the drawings with almost self-love 💪, which does not seem at all surprising, considering what fantastic bodys Gilbert III always gives them. His almost funny fitness drawings, on the other hand, may have been very useful as text illustrations, but not as accurate training instructions 🏋️‍♂️. A really interesting artist who knows how to incorporate a very erotic aspect into his work again and again, even if it is often hidden. Amazingly, apart from those presented here, there are hardly any other works by Gilbert III to be found on the Internet 🙁.

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